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You have found the premier site for hair related stories. Stories on this site may contain both female and male haircuts, head shaving, buzzing, etc. Please feel free to read some of the stories here dealing with haircuts that take place in the barbershop, home, school, army, prison or other locations. Whether you like reading about the clippers running down the middle or the shears snipping the long hair off, we have the stories for you. Stories are written by kind authors who have taken the time to submit their work for your enjoyment.

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4.314.31 /35     31293129 views   English
Accidents Will Happen (Part 9) by Ls Ds (2014-Apr-12)
Forced - XXX - Other - Fiction

2.612.61 /18     27272727 views   English
Challenges Faced By a Village Girl (Part 1) by Vanamudirani (2014-Apr-12)
Consensual - XXX - Home - Fantasy

4.604.60 /25     910910 views   Dutch
De buurvrouw in zijn stoel by John Duchy (2014-Apr-12)
Surprise - X - Home - Sexual fantasy

1.751.75 /8     11361136 views   English
Family Shaving Day (Part 12) by Vanamudirani (2014-Apr-12)
Consensual - XXX - Home - Fantasy

3.003.00 /50     31243124 views   English
The Truth About Sara (Part 2) by Dreadlocks (2014-Apr-12)
Forced - XXX - Home - Fantasy


3.933.93 /14     32303230 views   English
Marie (Part 3) by Marguerite (2014-Apr-11)
Consensual - PG - Home - Fiction
Tags: Head shave

4.174.17 /41     52355235 views   English
Sometimes You Have to Jump in the Deep Water by Billy Shears (2014-Apr-11)
Time for a change - PG - Salon - True

3.233.23 /47     32283228 views   English
The Auto Salon by Buzzyboy (2014-Apr-11)
Forced - S&M/Defem - Salon - Sexual fantasy
Tags: Shaving, cutting, machine, forced

4.184.18 /34     35843584 views   English
The Truth About Sara (Part 1) by Dreadlocks (2014-Apr-11)
Forced - XXX - Barbershop - Sexual fantasy


4.774.77 /30     33183318 views   English
Burying the Old Self (Part 3) by RebeliousHairGirl (2014-Mar-30)
Consensual - X - Salon - Fiction

4.584.58 /48     34923492 views   English
Emma's New Life (Part 11) by Ls Ds (2014-Mar-30)
Forced - XXX - Other - Fiction

3.453.45 /40     72937293 views   English
Hot Brunette to Bald Beauty by rc617 (2014-Mar-30)
Bets and dares - R - Home - Fiction
Tags: Headshave, bald, bet

3.863.86 /28     24442444 views   English
Jonny Flattop by VSBaldly (2014-Mar-30)
Mens - PG - Barbershop - True

4.294.29 /14     23502350 views   English
Khushi and Veer's Love Story by HairandLove (2014-Mar-30)
Consensual - R - Home - Fiction
Tags: love, home, cancer

2.882.88 /33     39203920 views   English
My First Head Shave By the Barber by Ritsija (2014-Mar-30)
Consensual - R - Home - True
Tags: Head shave, Home, Indian, Barber

4.444.44 /36     35293529 views   English
New Born Cleanse Massage by Jack Rabbit (2014-Mar-30)
Surprise - XXX - Other - Sexual fantasy

4.164.16 /32     41964196 views   English
Shaving Jessica (Part 1) by Auslander (2014-Mar-30)
Surprise - XXX - Home - Sexual fantasy

4.644.64 /59     36433643 views   English
Shaving Jessica (Part 2) by Auslander (2014-Mar-30)
Surprise - XXX - Home - Sexual fantasy
Tags: Shaving, Headshave


1.341.34 /35     54195419 views   English
Dream Date by Buzz Cutter (2014-Mar-29)
Forced - R - Home - Fantasy

4.574.57 /23     38093809 views   English
Marie (Part 2) by Marguerite (2014-Mar-29)
What if? - PG - Home - Fiction
Tags: Bob, buzz cut

Older Stories
Since there are thousands of stories on this site, you might have missed some. Below is a selection of some random older stories that you might enjoy. Other old stories can be found by using the 'Find stories' page.
A special thank you to the visitor who suggested adding links to older stories to the site. We appreciate the suggestions.

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4.504.50 /18     86688668 views   English
Truth or Dare by Anonymous (2000-Jan-01)
Bets and dares - NR - NA - NA

4.794.79 /47     69676967 views   English
The Chair (Part 2) by CrewCutter (2004-Jun-29)
NA - NR - Barbershop - NA

4.414.41 /17     69256925 views   English
My New Life by Anonymous (2005-Oct-11)
Consensual - PG - NA - NA

4.394.39 /18     62486248 views   English
Molly Meets Reggie by Shavedgurl (2005-Oct-24)
NA - PG - Barbershop - NA

4.034.03 /72     91189118 views   English
Bleached White Cut by HairBoss (2006-Sep-19)
Consensual - PG - Barbershop - Fiction

4.594.59 /185     1867018670 views   English
Babysitter Surprise by Mr. Snips (2008-Mar-09)
Consensual - X - Home - Fantasy

3.063.06 /51     1312613126 views   English
Beauty Gets A Makeover (Part 1) by EeekAgain6 (2009-Jun-15)
Revenge - R - Salon - Fiction

4.464.46 /13     27432743 views   Dutch
Studietijd, een nieuwe fase in mijn leven (Part 6) by Hairy Scarry NL (2009-Aug-09)
Mens - PG - Salon - Fiction

2.642.64 /44     1416814168 views   English
My Headshave Story by Anurag (2011-Jan-06)
Time for a change - X - Home - NA

4.844.84 /225     3061130611 views   English
Sorry, I Thought You Were Closed by RunnerKate (2011-Feb-05)
Consensual - PG - Barbershop - Fantasy

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