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You have found the premier site for hair related stories. Stories on this site may contain both female and male haircuts, head shaving, buzzing, etc. Please feel free to read some of the stories here dealing with haircuts that take place in the barbershop, home, school, army, prison or other locations. Whether you like reading about the clippers running down the middle or the shears snipping the long hair off, we have the stories for you. Stories are written by kind authors who have taken the time to submit their work for your enjoyment.

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2.862.86 /14     13131313 views   English
Finally by scissorhappy96 (2014-Jul-28)
Time for a change - XXX - Salon - Sexual fantasy

4.784.78 /49     17281728 views   English
Karen's Journey (Part 1) by ClippedOne (2014-Jul-28)
Forced - R - Salon - Fiction
Tags: Bob, Clippers, Lesbian

3.413.41 /17     999999 views   English
Keeping Karen Happy by ClippedOne (2014-Jul-28)
Mens - PG - Salon - Fiction
Tags: Clippers, Old-fashioned

4.274.27 /22     14131413 views   English
Linda (Part 1) by Aran0d (2014-Jul-28)
Surprise - R - Barbershop - Fiction
Tags: barberette, barbershop, summer

2.212.21 /29     11971197 views   English
The Request by Jack B (2014-Jul-28)
Self - R - Barbershop - Fiction


4.454.45 /56     33693369 views   English
Accidents Will Happen (Part 11) by Ls Ds (2014-Jul-19)
Forced - XXX - Other - Fiction

3.653.65 /31     26362636 views   English
Belinda the Barberette by Clippercutting Woman (2014-Jul-19)
Mens - XXX - Salon - Fantasy

3.233.23 /26     46404640 views   English
Bleached Blonde Hair with Dark Roots - Brrrr! by Mona C (2014-Jul-19)
Surprise - PG - Barbershop - Fiction

4.194.19 /57     56665666 views   English
Hannah by HaircutLover91 (2014-Jul-19)
Time for a change - PG - Barbershop - Fiction

2.532.53 /30     37193719 views   English
Maria and Her Cousin Sylvia by Under the Dryer (2014-Jul-19)
Time for a change - PG - Salon - Fiction


2.702.70 /79     76107610 views   English
Callie's Headhsave by Headshave Master (2014-Jul-07)
Forced - R - Salon - Fiction
Tags: bald, permenant, forever

3.793.79 /33     37583758 views   English
Girl Enslaved (Part 2) by EddyZ (2014-Jul-07)
Consensual - X - Home - Sexual fantasy
Tags: BDSM, Shave, Nurse, Hospital

2.442.44 /18     39743974 views   English
Goat Number 1 (Part 2) by Decibel (2014-Jul-07)
Surprise - R - Salon - Fiction

4.534.53 /15     37323732 views   French
Ictus by Gabrielle (2014-Jul-07)
Revenge - X - Salon - Fiction
Tags: bangs, bob, goth, tatoos

3.643.64 /42     59515951 views   English
My Secret Fetish Revealed by Shocked writer 97 (2014-Jul-07)
What if? - R - Salon - Fiction

3.123.12 /42     66406640 views   English
Serena Goes Bald by Buzzcutter (2014-Jul-07)
Forced - R - Home - Fantasy
Tags: friend, bald, forced

2.062.06 /16     46414641 views   Telugu
Unexpected Head Shave of Village Girls by Sarayu (2014-Jul-07)
Surprise - PG - Salon - True

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4.924.92 /12     46324632 views   English
Little was said... by JimB (2003-Jan-01)
NA - NR - Barbershop - NA

4.364.36 /22     48774877 views   English
Tom's Hussy by Blade (2003-Jan-01)
Forced - NR - NA - NA

4.804.80 /10     32433243 views   English
21 Day Conversion (Part 2) by Greg (2004-May-06)
Time for a change - NR - NA - NA

2.752.75 /4     39863986 views   English
Debbie's Gift by Deb's Barber (2004-Dec-08)
NA - XXX - NA - Sexual fantasy

4.254.25 /99     1440114401 views   English
Britany's Unlucky Breakdown by Mr. Snips (2007-Feb-22)
Consensual - PG - Salon - Fiction

3.393.39 /33     82428242 views   English
Diary of a Crewcut (Part 1) by Buzzkutter (2007-Apr-20)
Mens - R - Home - True

4.024.02 /83     1068210682 views   English
All Over Tan by Ransom King (2009-Sep-12)
Surprise - X - Other - Sexual fantasy

4.414.41 /87     1016410164 views   English
Trust Grows by Hair Nut (2009-Oct-20)
Surprise - PG - Salon - NA

4.934.93 /15     79967996 views   French
La Firme by Crazyfrog (2011-Feb-05)
Forced - PG - Other - Fiction
Tags: forced, headhshave

4.004.00 /20     55625562 views   English
Hair Cult (Part 3) by Vicki (2012-Sep-30)
Forced - XXX - Other - Fantasy
Tags: Outdoors, surprise haircut, domination, submission

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